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Rose Shampoo Bar


If you are looking for stronger, shinier, and softer hair than look no further! The Rose Shampoo bar will leave your hair looking and feeling better than it ever has. Lasting an incredibly 80 washes, this bar will outlast three bottles of liquid shampoo! 

Rose is known to:

  • Condition and nourish the hair 
  • Improve scalp dryness and elasticity 
  • Deeply cleans and removes dandruff 
  • Moisturizes leaving the hair fresh and breathable  

Suitable for dry and normal mixed hair.

  • Sodium coco sulfate, natural organic cocoa butter, natural organic shea
    butter, agar, rose extract, geranium oil, rose hip oil, rose essential oil,
    lemon essential oil, dried rose petals, food color.

    Shelf life: 3 years


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