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Our Mission

Welcome, from The Scalp Wash Bar Team.

We have all seen in the news recently about the excessive amount of plastic pollution littering our oceans. We see the efforts organizations are undertaking to mitigate the mess that we are continuously contributing towards. We need to realize that our efforts need to begin in our homes starting by  purchasing products that we can recycle or reuse and together we can reduce the carbon footprint.

552 million plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles end up in landfills each year, that is 1,164 football fields, and only 1 in 5 people actually recycle the plastic
bottles. By noticing this problem we
began searching for solutions. One solution, The Scalp Wash Bar. Shampoo and conditioner bars that replace your liquids and plastic containers. Organically made, Chemical free, and Ethically sourced with the best interest of our planet in mind.
We hope you will join us in our mission to help the world reduce the use of plastic, and clean up pollution one product at a time.
We challenge you, right now to invest, not only in our planet but in a cleaner version of yourself. Feel great about your purchase knowing you have helped in the cleanup of our oceans. 

Please visit Plastic Oceans website and see all the amazing things they are doing in your and our efforts to help clean up the oceans.


The Scalp Wash Bar Team


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