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April 11, 2020 2 min read

You may of heard of the latest craze in the hair care industry - Shampoo Bars! They are not only better for the environment but they will make your life so much easier! If you haven't already made the switch, here are some reasons why you should ditch the shampoo bottles in favor of bars instead.  

1. They are easy to travel with 

Shampoo and conditioner bottles tend to take up lots of room in your luggage. Bars on the other hand, will become your best friends when it comes to travel. They are so compact, you can easily fit in that extra pair of shoes in your luggage. They won't leak in your bags and they can even go in your carry on!

Bar in suitcase

2. They are long-lasting 

A shampoo bar will outlast any standard commercial shampoo bottle. Scalp Wash Bars will last up to 80 washes! Save money and stock your shower with economical shampoo and conditioner bars. 

3. They are convenient to use

One of the major stand out features of shampoo bars is that they are really convenient to use. Simply grab the bar and lather up.

You can store Scalp Wash Bars in the tin it arrived in, taking up no space in your shower, unlike bulky bottles.  

Shampoo Bar Stack

4. They are better for the environment 

Using no plastic at all, shampoo bars are biodegradable and environmentally friendly products you should feel about using. 

Replacing your bottles with bars is a great way to make your beauty more eco-friendly. 

Garbage Land fill

5. They are all natural 

Scalp Wash Bars are made using natural, organic ingredients. They don't contain any toxic or artificial fragrances that may cause skin irritations or allergies. 

All our products are gentle on the hair while still being effective! 

Hair in sun

There are so benefits to using bars as opposed to bottles. So what are you waiting for?


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