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April 28, 2020 2 min read

Countries all over the world are continuing to join the growing movement to ban all single-use plastics. This has spurred from environmental concerns about the negative impact of non-degradable single-use plastic. 

What is single-use plastic?

Like the name suggests, single-use plastic is disposable plastic that is designed to be used once then tossed or recycled. Examples of single-use plastic includes plastic drink bottles, produce bags, plastic razors, the list goes on. 

While some plastic items are recyclable, unfortunately many people ignore the environmental pleas to recycle. Most pieces of plastic end up in landfills or tossed as litter. 


The plastic that winds up in a landfill doesn't just go away. It can take 10 to 20 years for a plastic bag to degrade while it can take a staggering 500 years for a plastic bottle to degrade. 

Why is single-use plastic bad?

In line with what was said above, single-use plastic highlights the problems with throwaway culture. Our society prioritizes convenience over durability and relies heavily on the plastic products we have become accustom too using. 

As a result, we are accumulating waste at a staggering rate. According to the United Nations (the UN) we product 300 millions tons of plastic each year worldwide, half of which is for single-use items. 

Shampoo Bars

Shampoo and conditioner bottles 

Plastic packaged hair products are one of the worst contributors to plastic pollution. Healthy Care company Johnson & Johnson paints a dire picture around shampoo bottle usage and disposal in the U.S alone!

  • Only 1 in 5 people consistently recycle toiletry items 
  • The number of shampoo bottles that have been thrown out in the U.S. every year could fill 1,164 football fields 
  • More than 552 million shampoo bottles are ending up in landfills every year

1 in 5 people

As mentioned above, these stats are for the U.S alone! Imagine that on a global scale.  

Reducing plastic use is the best means of avoiding this waste and there are many ways we can do this. We can shop using reusable bags, recycle plastic bottles or drink from reusable bottles, ditch the plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles in favor of bars and much much more. 

At Scalp Wash Bar we aim to beat plastic pollution by providing an alternative to shampoo and conditioner bottles. We also proudly support the charitable not-for-profit organization Plastic Oceans

We donate 1% of total net annual sales to Plastic Oceans to further assist in the cleaning and preservation of our oceans and to reduce the devastating effect of plastic pollution. 


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